Labour Marketing Test Visa 482

The success of the labor marketing test is key for visa 482 nomination approval.

visa 482 Labor Marketing Test

Visa 482 Nomination Approval

Having the nomination approved is the key to VISA 482 application, there are few significant elements when it comes to the nomination outcome. Today we are going to talk about :

Visa 482 Nomination – Labour Marketing Test 

There is evidence in relation to it and you should provide all to meet criterial for visa 482 Nomination

The advertisement for a nominated position

being noted, the advertisement should be in the English language

you can choose any method as listed however, the nominated position must be advertised in at least two ads

(a)  on a recruitment website with a national reach in Australia; or

(b)  in print media with a national reach in Australia; or

(c)  on radio with a national reach in Australia; or

(d)  if the approved sponsor is an accredited sponsor on the approved sponsor’s website.

Visa 482 Nomination

the following details of the position must all be included in the advertisement:

(a)  the title or a description of the position;

(b)  the skills or experience required for the position;

(c)  the name of the approved sponsor or, if the approved sponsor has engaged a recruitment agency for the purposes of the labor market testing, the name of the recruitment agency;

(d)  the salary for the position, if the intended annual earnings for the nominated position are lower than $96,400.00 AUD.

Visa 482 Nomination Approval

The duration of an advertised position must be accepted for at least 4 weeks from when the advertisement is first published for any of the following, and the period must not earlier than 4 months before the nomination submission.

(a)  print media;

(b)  radio;

(c)  website.

Other Import Factors

when you have your nomination lodged is that if one or more Australian citizens or Australian Permanent residents were made redundant in the previous 4 months in the nominated occupation in your company, the explanation letter for the redundant should be expected for Visa 482 Nomination.

You can also refer to the Department of Home Affairs website for more information as well

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SA Occupational List 2021
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