Occupation health and safety Vetassess skills assessment

What is the requirement of an Occupation health and safety Vetassess skills assessment?


What’s the skills assessment – Job description

Occupational Health and Safety Advisers develop, implement and evaluate risk management policies and programs, train employees in occupational health and safety procedures, monitor and audit the workplace, and record and investigate incidents to ensure safe and healthy working conditions.

Alternative Titles for vetassess skills assessment:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator
  • Occupational Health and Safety Officer


  • Occupational Hygienist
  • Workplace Rehabilitation Officer

Occupations not considered

under this ANZSCO code:

  • Environmental Health Officer
  • Safety Inspector
  • Occupational Medicine Physician

What’re the Requirements for Skills Assessment

This occupation requires

A qualification assessed as comparable to the educational level of an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Bachelor degree or higher degree, in a field highly relevant to the nominated occupation.

In addition to this, applicants must have undertaken at least one year of post-qualification employment at an appropriate skill level in the last five years which is highly relevant to the nominated occupation.

If the degree is not in a highly relevant field, and there is an additional qualification at least at AQF Diploma level in a highly relevant field, three years of employment at an appropriate skill level is undertaken within the last five years in the nominated occupation are required.

A positive assessment of both qualifications and employment is required for a positive Skills Assessment Outcome.

What’s the requirement for Qualification

AQF Bachelor degree or higher
Highly relevant major fields of study include:

  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Occupational Hygiene

what’s the requirement for Employment

In Australia, there are currently no legal requirements for licensing or registration for the occupation of Occupational Health and Safety Adviser

Tasks include:

  • developing, implementing and reviewing occupational health and safety plans
  • identifying hazards, and assessing and controlling risks in the workplace
  • developing, implementing and monitoring programs minimising workplace pollution involving chemical and physical hazards
  • promoting ergonomic principles within the workplace such as matching furniture, equipment and work activities to the needs of employees
  • inspecting and auditing workplaces, processes, plant, and chemical and physical hazards for legislative compliance
  • training employees in personal protective equipment and safe working procedures
  • recording and investigating injuries and equipment damage, and reporting safety performance
  • coordinating the return of injured workers into the workplace

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