Marketing specialist Vetassess Skills Assessment

What is the requirement of a Marketing specialist Vetassess Skills Assessment?


What’s the skills assessment – Job description

A Marketing Specialist identifies market opportunities and advises on the development, coordination and implementation of plans for pricing and promoting an organisation’s goods and services.

Alternative Titles for Vetassess skills assessment

  • Marketing Consultant
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing Officer


  • Brand Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Sales Promotion Officer

Occupations not considered as highly relevant

under this ANZSCO code:

  • Market Research Analyst
  • Advertising Specialist
  • Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Technical Sales Representatives
  • Sales Workers

What’re the Requirements for Skills Assessment

This occupation requires

a qualification which is assessed as comparable to the educational level an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Bachelor or higher.

If the qualification is in a highly relevant field to the occupation, then one year of highly relevant, post-qualification employment is required. This must be within the past five years.

If the qualification is not in a highly relevant field, three years of highly relevant, post-qualification employment is required. This must be within the past five years.

This is reduced to two years if there is an additional qualification at least at AQF Diploma level in a highly relevant field. If employment is not post-qualification, then five additional years of relevant employment are required. This is in addition to one year of highly relevant employment within the past five years.

A positive assessment of both qualifications and employment is required for a positive Skills Assessment Outcome.

What’s the requirement for Qualification

AQF Bachelor degree or higher
Highly relevant major fields of study include:

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Business Communications
  • Business Management qualifications possessed by applicants with sales or marketing experience

What’s the requirement for Employment

Pre-qualification employment can be considered for this occupation.
Highly relevant tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • supporting business growth and development through the preparation and execution of marketing objectives, policies and programs
  • commissioning and undertaking market research to identify market opportunities for new and existing goods and services
  • advising on all elements of marketing such as product mix, pricing, advertising and sales promotion, selling, and distribution channels

Additional tasks may include:

  • analysing data to develop marketing strategies and plans
  • developing ideas for marketing campaigns
  • liaising with external vendors and agencies
  • providing advice on digital marketing strategies, SEO, social media marketing, and associated analytics

Positions based in a front-line retail setting and positions predominately involving direct client transactional interaction on a regular basis will not be accepted.

Supporting material for assessment

Applicants nominating this occupation are required to provide:

  • A Curriculum Vitae / Resume
  • An Organisational Chart for each period of employment. This should include the company letterhead, an applicant’s job position and those of her/his superiors and subordinates as well as all positions reporting to the applicant’s immediate supervisor and her/his direct subordinates.

Applicants are also advised to provide samples of some of the following supplementary material, if possible:

  • Marketing plans
  • Marketing collateral
  • Contracts if relevant to the role performed

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