Human Resource Adviser Vetassess Skills Assessment

What is the requirement of a Human Resource Adviser Vetassess Skills Assessment?


What’s the skills assessment – Job description

Human Resource Advisers provide staffing and human resources administration services in support of an
organisation’s human resource policies and programs

Occupations considered suitable under

this ANZSCO code:

  • Human Resource Consultant
  • Human Resource Officer
  • Workforce Planning Analyst

Occupations not considered under this

ANZSCO code:

  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Workplace Relations Adviser
  • Human Resource Clerk

These occupations are classified elsewhere in ANZSCO.

Human Resource Adviser is a VETASSESS

Group B occupation

This occupation requires a qualification assessed as compared to the educational level of an
Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Bachelor degree or higher.

Applicants can fulfil the assessment criteria for this occupation in four different ways.

Qualification and employment criteria continued

If employment is prior to the completion of the qualification at the required level, an applicant must have at least one year of highly relevant employment at an appropriate skill level within the last five years. The remaining five years of the pre-qualifying period may be within the last ten years.

A positive assessment of both qualification level and employment duration is required for a positive Skills Assessment outcome.

What’s the requirement for Qualification

AQF Bachelor degree or higher degree
Highly relevant major fields of study include:

  • Human Resource Management/Strategy
  • Organisational Development/Psychology
  • Change Management
  • Workforce Analytics
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Employment Relations
  • Learning and Development

This includes qualifications assessed at AQF Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level.

What’s the requirement for Employment

Highly relevant tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Arranging for advertising of job vacancies, interviewing and testing of applicants, and selection of staff;
  • Maintaining human resource records and associated human resource information systems;
  • Providing advice and information to management on workplace relations policies and procedures, staff performance and disciplinary matters

Employment context

Common roles held by Human Resource Advisers (within an HR working context) include:

  • HR Officer/HR Business Partner/HR Analyst/HR Generalist
  • Compensation/Remuneration and Benefits Officer
  • Staffing/Hiring Manager
  • Organisational Development Officer/Employee Engagement/Workplace Relations Officer
  • Diversity and Inclusion Officer
  • Culture and Change Specialist

Human Resource Advisers may work for organisations that operate in any industry. In small organisations, they will usually be responsible for all areas of human resource management, but in larger organisations, they may specialise in one particular area.

Additional tasks may include:

  • Determining, implementing, monitoring, reviewing and evaluating human resource management
    strategies, policies and plans to meet business needs;
  • Advising and assisting others in applying sound recruitment and selection practices, and appropriate induction, training and development programs;
  • Assisting with, or overseeing occupational health and safety, employee engagement, employee capability/development;
  • Managing stakeholder relationships;
  • Contributing to and/or coordinating HR projects

Supporting material for assessment

Applicants nominating this occupation may submit an organisational chart as this may assist to clarify the focus and responsibility level of positions held, as well as the size of the organisation.
An organisational chart should include:

  • The company letterhead,
  • Your job position and those of your superiors and subordinates as well as
  • All positions reporting to your immediate supervisor and to your direct subordinates.

If you are unable to obtain an organisational chart from your employer, please provide a statutory declaration outlining the organisational structure and the reasons

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