Audiologist VETASSESS Skills Assessment

what is the requirement of Audiologist VETASSESS Skills Assessment?


What’s the Job description

Audiologists provide diagnostic assessment and rehabilitative services related to human hearing defects.

Occupations not considered under this ANZSCO code:

  • Audiometrists are assessed under ANZSCO 311299 Medical Technicians nec

What’re the Requirements for Skills Assessment

This occupation requires

A qualification which is assessed as comparable to the educational level of an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Bachelor degree or higher degree, in a field highly relevant to the nominated occupation.

Applicants must also have at least one year of highly relevant, post-qualification employment at an appropriate skill level completed in the last five years.

A positive assessment of both qualification and employment is required for a positive Skills Assessment Outcome.

What’s the Requirement for Qualification

AQF Bachelor degree or higher
Highly relevant major fields of study include:

  • Audiology
  • Clinical Audiology
  • Audiology Studies

What’s the Requirement for Employment

Audiologists provide diagnostic assessment and rehabilitative services related to human hearing defects.

Tasks include:

  • assessing and diagnosing the extent of client hearing loss using a wide range of techniques, including audiometric tests
  • reporting results of assessments and tests in writing and making referrals to medical practitioners
  • recommending solutions to those with hearing impairment including amplification, implantable devices, medical interventions and assistive listening devices and providing aural rehabilitation programs
  • providing counselling, advice and information to clients and families as a part of the overall treatment
  • assisting with the development and management of noise control and hearing conservation strategies

Currently, Audiologists are not required to register with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. In the labour market, employers seek applicants with the equivalent of an Australian Master degree. Membership of a professional body such as Audiology Australia is also required in order to receive government and private reimbursement for the delivery of hearing health care services.

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