Travel restriction exemptions Australia

How to apply for travel exemptions as the border control?

Travel Exemption

How can I apply for Travel restriction exemptions?

As COVID-19 and the border control- it is forbidden to coming into Australia if you are not a permanent residency or citizen of Australia.

However, the exemptions apply when a certain situation with compelling and compassionate occurs

From our experience, Temporary visa applicants apply for a travel exemption is key even for your visa grant at current.

Critical skills and sectors for the exemption

If you have any questions about critical skills and sectors, and the travel exemption process or existing critical skills travel exemption application please contact us

Travel and Family reunions

The Family reunion exceptions facilitate the reunion of immediate family members of Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens. It also includes other members of the family, such as parents, orphaned relatives, and carers.

Compelling and Compassionate circumstances travel

Circumstances that are generally beyond your control and affect your ability and a necessity to travel to Australia.

For example reasons can include: visiting or caring for a close relative who is seriously ill or dying. attending the funeral of a close relative. attending the birth of your child or important family members.

Apply online for an exemption

You should make only one request per person. Duplicate requests will delay the assessment. If you are not granted an exemption, you should not continue with travel plans, as you will not be permitted to depart Australia. If you are granted a travel exemption, you will need to take evidence of that exemption decision to the airport.

Curent trend towards Travel restriction exemptions

News from SBS:

‘Government has sidelined temporary visa holders throughout the pandemic’

“Greens Senator Nick McKim, who has been raising the plight of visa holders, said the federal government also needs to step up its efforts to support temporary migrants alongside Australians stranded overseas, which calls for sending charter flights to “areas of greatest needs.”

“Of course, the Government needs to do more to help Australians return home, but it also needs to do much more to support temporary visa holders, who are guests in our country,” he said.

Australians and permanent residents travel exception

If you are an Australian citizen or a permanent resident you cannot leave Australia due to COVID-19 restrictions unless you have an exemption. You can apply online but you must meet at least one of the following:

  • your travel is as part of the response to the COVID-19 outbreak, including the provision of aid
  • your travel is essential for the conduct of critical industries and business (including export and import industries)
  • you are travelling to receive urgent medical treatment that is not available in Australia
  • you are travelling on urgent and unavoidable personal business
  • you are travelling on compassionate or humanitarian grounds
  • your travel is in the national interest.

You must provide evidence to support your claims. Requests may be finalized without further consideration if insufficient evidence is provided. Evidence may include:

  • passport/s
  • marriage certificate/s
  • birth certificate/s
  • death certificate/s
  • proof of relationship (for example, shared tenancy agreement, joint bank account etc.)*
  • proof that you are moving to another country on a long term basis such as leases, job offers and evidence your goods are being transported
  • proof of your current valid visa, including in Australia and/or overseas
  • letter from a doctor or hospital about any medical treatment/condition with statements on why travel is necessary
  • letter from an employer showing why the travel is necessary or that the work undertaken by you is critical
  • statement or evidence to show when you wish to return to Australia
  • any other proof you may have to support your claims.


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