Partner Visa 820 and 801

The temporary Partner visa (subclass 820) is granted first and lets you stay in Australia while you are waiting for your permanent Partner visa (subclass 801).

Australian visa 820

When you are in the intimate relationship,
are you pay attention on collecting relationship details for your partner visa ?

However, if you want to lodge your partner visa, not only a genuine relationship will guarantee your visa being granted but also the documents you have provided to the Case officer.

Believe it or not, there are higher percentage of refusal for the partner visa accordingly to recent DOHA report.

It could sound harsh for people to argue that they are in a genuine relationship, but it is understandable that case officers can only assess your documents provided rather than taking time to understand your relationship. Not mention that they don’t even get to see you in real but photos.

Having said that, just want to pinpoint that documents are the key for the Partner visa 820&801 outcome. Here we go, Let’s guide you through the partner visa step by the step and have a better understanding how to prepare your documents per legislation.

  • Apply for stage 1 Partner visa 820
  • Apply for sponsorship approval
  • Apply for stage 2 Partner visa 801

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You should apply both Partner visa 820 and 801 at the same time as the procedure. Temporarily visa 820 remain while vis 801 Permanent visa it processes.

You should also submit the sponsorship

Apply after the first step applicant has submitted and given their your :

  • Transaction Reference Number (TRN) or
  • application ID

Related Forms 888, Form 80, form 956

The Sponsor can be Australian Citizen, Australian permanent residency and Eligible New Zealand Citizen, as the spouse or de facto partner of the applicant

Simple term that Spouse means Married & De Facto means living together for at least 12 months 

Prepare The relationship documents
  •  Statements and photos with your family and friends and acquaintances about the nature of the relationship.

  • Undertake joint social activities, movie ticket, social event, travel, friends birthday and etc..

  • The timelines of length of time during which have lived together by statement with evidences

  • Companionship and emotional support

  • Committed to each other as a long-term one

Prepare the social aspects of the relationship evidences
  • Represent themselves to other people as being in a long term relationship

  • The opinion of the persons’ friends and acquaintances about the nature of the relationship

  • Undertake joint social activities

  • The duration of the relationship

  • The length of time during which the persons have lived together

Prepare the nature of the household
  • Joint responsibility for the care and support of children
  • Joint utility household bills and the living arrangements of the family

  • Any sharing of the responsibility for housework 

  • Joint bank account, lease agreement, property, any investments

  • A mutual commitment to a shared life, statements from friends and families.

Prepare the a mutual commitment to a shared life evidence
  • The relationship between you and your partner is genuine and continuing, and exclusion.

  • Should live together; or do not live separately and apart on a permanent basis

Partner visa 820&801
Cost From AUD 7000.

Note that: If you hold a Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) – from AUD 1170.

You pay only one fee, which covers the permanent and the temporary visa, and you pay this when you lodge your stage one application. In most cases, visa application fees can not be refunded, even if you withdraw your application, or your visa is refused.

You must be in Australia

When you lodge your application of Partner visa (subclass 820), and when a decision is made on the stage one, you should be in Australia

You can be in or outside Australia when a decision is made on the permanent Partner visa (subclass 801).

If you are outside Australia when you want to lodge your application, consider either:

  • a Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300)
  • a Partner visa (subclass 309 and 100).

More information is available about partner visa options.

Visitor visa to Partner visa:
If you hold an eligible visitor visa ( please be aware if any condition attached such as 8503, 8534 and 8535) and lodge your 820 partner visa, you transition onto Bridging Visa A when the visitor visa expires. You have full work rights on your BVA, during the partner visa processing time.
457/TSS 482 visa to Partner visa:

If you lodge a partner application whilst holding a 457 0r 482 visa, you cannot stop working for the sponsor until your 820 visa is granted. However, if employer stops employing or sponsoring, you have 60 days from the date they finish working with you to find another approved sponsor to nominate you.

Working Holiday 417 visa to Partner visa:

If you have a 417 visa and lodge a partner visa, the condition of 6 month work limitation resets and begins again. We can also help you apply for a work rights wavier, allowing you to remain working longer than the allowed six months, for one employer.

Yes.You can include your dependent children or stepchildren in your application.If you are granted the visa, your children will have the same rights and visa conditions as you.

You might not be able to be a sponsor if you hold or have held certain visas and certain circumstances apply to you.


Your sponsorship ends two years after your partner is granted their Partner visa (subclass 820).This is the case even if the permanent Partner visa (subclass 801) is granted immediately after the temporary 820 visa is granted.


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