Skilled Visa 491


As part of a package of initiatives to support regional Australia.

The Skilled Visa 491 Regional (Provisional) visa (Subclass 491)

A new and enhanced General Skilled Migration (GSM) points-tested skilled visa to assist regional Australia, for applicants nominated by a State or Territory government or sponsored by an eligible family member residing in a designated regional area.

Your application for the Skilled visa 491 are two separate processes, there are State Nomination and Visa Application.

  • The applicant must be under 45 years old, nominated by the state or Territory government in a skilled occupation
  • State or Territory government nominates an applicant directly from SkillSelect EOI.
  • Or Applicant declares they are sponsored by a relative.
  • the applicant must have been successfully invited by the State.

Suitable skills assessment

Skilled occupation list search

English language must have been undertaken within the 3 years immediately before the date of the invitation.

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Points test

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Family members as a spouse or de facto partner of the family to apply at the same time

Or Subsequent entrants are those secondary applicants to apply for visa 491 visa

Want to move to Tasmania Visa 491 &190, Study or Work for your Australian PR – Check your Eligibility.

Skilled visa 491  

  • stay in Australia for 5 years from the date we grant you the visa
  • live, work and study in a designated region of Australia
  • travel to and from Australia as many times as you want, while the visa is valid
  • apply for permanent residence, if eligible, through the Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) visa (subclass 191) – which commences on 16 November 2022


Designated regional area

  • You and all members of your family unit who are also holders of the visa will need to live work and study in a designated regional area of Australia. Your nomination must not be withdrawn, or you will not be granted the visa.

Include family

You can include your children and your partner

  • include them when you submit your visa application
  • add a dependent child after you submit but before we decide on your visa application.

Family members who apply for the visa must meet health and a good character requirement

If your partner or dependent children are not included in this application, tell the reason why (for example, they already hold Australian citizenship or are a permanent resident).

Tasmanian Skilled Visa 491 

Importantly, if you intend to move to Tasmania for your Skilled visa 491 – PR pathway, you Need 6 months working in your occupation in TAS.

Your application for the visa are two separate processes, there are State Nomination and Visa Application.

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Queensland Visa 491 Nomination

Queensland Visa 491 is the most competitive stream for the pathway to permanent residency if you would like to move there 3 months before you apply for the nomination and live there for 3 years. This stream is for migrants who are living and working in Queensland in their skilled occupation (closely related) and have an occupation that has been identified as a shortage in Queensland.

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VIC Skilled Work Regional visa 491

How to be eligible for the VIC visa 491 Nomination

Firstly, age should be under 45 with competent English…

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ACT nomination visa 491 is a two-stage process:

ACT 491 needs three months of residence prior to the application. You must formally express an interest in applying for ACT nomination by completing a score-based ‘Canberra Matrix’ where you are allocated points against demonstrated economic contribution or benefit and/or a genuine commitment to be part of the ACT community.

You can select either ACT 491 nomination or ACT 190 nomination.  The highest-ranked candidates in each stream will then be selected and invited to apply for ACT nomination. There is not guarantee that your Matrix score will be ranked as the demand for ACT nomination far exceeds the number of nomination places available each year.

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  • What is the 491 visa?

    The 491 visa is for skilled workers who are willing to work and live in a regional area of Australia and the visa is for five years. You can apply for permanent visa after 3 years.

  • Does 491 visa have Centrelink?

    Same as visa subclass 190, subclass 491 visa holders are also eligible for Medicare.

  • Is 70 points enough for 491 visa?

    How many points do I need to apply for the 491 visa?

    As long as you have 65 points of the test, you can submit an expression of interest (EOI). However, you need also to satisfy the nomination from the state requirements.

  • Is 491 visa good?

    The visa is valid for five years, and a pathway to PR after 3 years. You can claim more points and access to more eligible occupations.
  • Visa 491 Requirements ?

    • be nominated to apply by a state or territory government agency, or an eligible relative must sponsor you
    • have an occupation on a relevant skilled occupation list
    • have a suitable skills assessment for the occupation
    • be invited to apply
    • satisfy the points test 65 points


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