Refund of visa 482 nomination fee and SAFL (Skilling Australians Fund Levy)

Do you know if your nomination can request a refund for SAFL?

Refund of Visa 482 Nomination SAFL

Skilling Australians Fund levy (SAFL)

It costs AUD330 to nominate a worker for visa 482 and on top of that it is the Skilling Australians Fund levy you have to pay for the cost of sponsoring when lodging the nomination.

Business size TSS visa ENS / RSMS visas
Small (annual turnover less than $10 million) AUD1200 per year or part thereof AUD3000 one-off
Other business (annual turnover of $10 million or more) AUD1800 per year or part thereof AUD5000 one-off

For example, a four years sponsorship will cost AUD7200 for my client to sponsor a Chef for this restaurant, I would definitely want to know if something went wrong I could get this SAFL Charger refunded.

SAFL Refund from the department of home affair

Reasons will be considered to refund:

1, withdraws the nomination application because the amount of nomination training contribution charge in relation to the nomination was incorrect.

2, any mistakes made by the Immigration department

3, Withdraws the nomination because a standard business sponsorship has been withdrawn

or the standard business sponsorship has been refused.

4, the visa 482 has been refuse because of character issues of the nominee

5, a visa  482 is granted on the basis of the nomination, however, the visa holder fails to commence employment in the position.

6, Visa 482 nomination made is approved, however, the nominee ceases to be employed within 1 year after commencing employment, and the refund will be issued less the amount of nomination training contribution charge that would have been payable for 1 year.

Please also refer the cost of sponsoring form the department website for your information

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