Success Migrants Story

In the spring of 2017, my family and I immigrated to Australia. It’s spring, but it’s not, because that’s the southern hemisphere, and the climate is the opposite of China’s northern hemisphere: we’re from China to Australia, and it’s autumn there. Now every morning and evening, Melbourne is increasingly cold autumn, a sense of winter.

Some of the council houses in Sydney even have great views of the sea and the Opera House!The poor should enjoy the same kinds of household appliances as the rich. Therefore, low-rent houses are usually equipped with public washing machines and dryers, and washing machines are set on the roof for free use by residents.

After Fews Years, I understand

Labor is expensive in Australia, and the wages of workers are quite high. Digging drains, repairing toilets, connecting wires, paving roads… Often the income is staggering; Civil servants’ salaries are capped.

Workers are not only highly paid, but also protected from excessive labor intensity. I have seen them pave the road, remove a layer of floor tile, and add a new layer of floor tile, entirely using machinery, the workers only need to control the machinery, the dangerous thing is rarely done personally

In Australia, work begins early and many workers start work after six o ‘clock. Of course, they leave work early, too, and go home after 3pm. Young Australians take pride in being workers. If you don’t do well in school, don’t worry about it. As long as you can find a job, you will start your working years happily, which makes parents happy. As a result, students from China and other Asian countries are often the ones toiling away at good universities such as Melbourne.