This visa lets you carry out entrepreneurial activities in Australia.

Entrepreneur stream

Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188).

If you have a innovation idea , and undertake, or propose to undertake, a complying entrepreneur activity in Australia

If you have a funding agreement of at least AUD200,000 to carry out entrepreneurial activity in Australia

If you could show a business plan for your entrepreneurial business

you should have at least Competent English

1. What was your intention to immigrate to Melbourne, Australia?

Entrepreneur Mr Sachi:  I am a person who likes traveling very much. I have almost traveled all over the world. When I got off the plane for the first time and walked to Melbourne, I felt that the environment was very good and the cultural atmosphere was very strong. It has a small group of artists and designers, and the local people are very friendly and have special respect for works of art. The artistic atmosphere in Melbourne is even stronger. In addition, the cultural integration and tolerance are also very high.

The reasons for choosing Melbourne are as follows :

1. The cultural atmosphere is very strong;

2. The local people have special respect for art;

3. Multicultural integration.

Entrepreneur MR Sachi is engaged in the art industry in China. What’s the difference between the domestic market and Melbourne?

What I mainly do in China is high-end art customization. As for the original works, I may be a little confused. The design will be copied soon. I hope that through the protection of copyright in foreign countries and respect for artists, I can seriously do something good.

Here’s what you can do:

Respect art and original copyright;

Give yourself time to create;

Do you think the art business is suitable for immigrant entrepreneurs? Are you worried about the impact on turnover?

Mr Sachi: I’ll certainly consider it, but Thanks to Nick for giving me so much advice. In the early stage, He took me to investigate many similar businesses and suggested that I add coffee business, because Melbourne is the capital of coffee. I also immersed myself in the research and made a good position for my store. In a word, it is important to do what you are good at.

In the aspect of living in peace, for example, life, children’s education, what are your feelings?

Mr Sachi: I feel very happy, because after ten years of hard work in China, the pace of life is very fast. After coming to Australia, the pace of life has slowed down. The wife didn’t get used to it at first, but after two or three months of adaptation, she found that the Education system in Australia was particularly good, and the children here were very happy. The teacher’s respect, guidance and creative cultivation are very good. And Melbourne has a lot of food, which makes people very happy. Australia pays attention to the comprehensive development of children, which is conducive to the better growth of children.

Is Melbourne like Shenzhen in China?

Melbourne is a city made up of immigrants, so it attracts a lot of fresh industries here. This is quite similar to Shenzhen in China.

Can you adapt to the pace of Business in Australia? Do you have any experience to share with you in establishing business model?

Mr Sachi: At this point, I would like to thank Ausstar very much. They have provided me with a lot of selfless help. Aoxing is really professional in this respect. They will provide you with appropriate advice based on your business background in China, and they will also provide you with convenience in life. For example, when I first came here, I needed to buy a house and find a school. Nick provided a lot of help for us in these aspects. It provides us with a lot of resources. Provided me with a lot of Melbourne housing services.

As my type of business is relatively rare in Melbourne, they took me on a number of similar industry surveys, which helped me with my business model.

Later, we followed Mr Sachi to visit his shop and wished him all the best in his future life and business in Melbourne.

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