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Moving and renting in Australia

Because of a change in my husband’s job, we need to move to another city, a place more than 1,500 kilometers away from us. No matter where you are, moving can be a huge headache, with things large and small having to categorize, sort through, pack, decide what to take and what to get rid of, arrange shipping and so on. Move in the mainland of China, there are professional moving company, a phone, they will send someone to send a car, very convenient. However, in Australia, the land is sparsely populated and labor costs are very high. We didn’t have much, so we decided to do it ourselves

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Moving away together things bit by bit to the trailer and pick-up trucks, and want to take away the things in the home, helpless, trailer and truck has been tightly packed, there is no space. Don’t worry, call to charity, they will be away and donated to charity or a free house is very difficult

The move is on the way. We drove on and off, and soon the sun was setting. I was fascinated by the beautiful scenery outside the car window

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