Hairdresser ANZSCO – Australian Visa Pathway

What type of visa you can apply for as a hairdresser in Australia?


What types of visa you can apply for as a hairdresser?

Visa Type Availability Instrument List Notes/More Details
Visa 186 No LIN 19/049
Visa 187 Yes LIN 19/047, LIN 12/096 ROL
Visa 189 No LIN 19/051
Visa 190 Yes LIN 19/051 STSOL
Visa 491 Yes LIN 19/051 STSOL State or Territory Nominated
Visa 482 Yes LIN 19/048 STSOL
Visa 407 Yes LIN 19/050 STSOL
Visa 485 No LIN 19/051
Visa 494 Yes LIN 19/219, LIN 19/260 ROL

Occupation Detail for 391111 HAIRDRESSER

ANZSCO Information

Cuts, styles, colors, straightens and permanently waves hair, and treats hair and scalp conditions.


How to get a Skill Assessment?


TRA Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) – $1000.00

TRA Migration Skills Assessment Review of outcome – $900.00

State Nomination

NT Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA)

190: No
491: No



Additional Comments:

DAMA Comments:
English Concession may be available
TSMIT Concession may be available



Parent visa Processing and grant

Parent Visa Australia Processing

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