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International Students Study and work in the Australian.

Student visa 500 for Australia

International education is vital to the Australian economy.  It is Australia’s largest services export and our third largest export overall, contributing $21.8 billion to the Australian economy in 2016.

Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF)

On 16 June 2015, the Australian Government announced the introduction of a Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF).’

Subclass 500 visa for students and a Subclass 590 visa for student guardians.

The Australian Government’s priorities for the international education sector. 

Generally, people wishing to participate in the program must obtain a student visa before commencing a course of study in Australia.

Applying for a student visa

All students are required to make their applications online. Students can access online services by creating an account in ‘ImmiAccount’.

 Studnet Visa Applicants – outside Australia

If you are outside Australia, you should provide one of the following with the visa application:

  • a CoE number in the application ( preferable by student name search) for each intended course of study.
  • an Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Students (AASES) form or
  • a letter of support from DFAT or Defence containing details of the intended course(s) of study.

 Studnet Visa Applicants – in Australia

Applicants in Australia should  provide one of the following with the visa application:

  • a CoE number in the application (verification through PRISMS) for each intended course of study or
  • a letter of offer from their education provider for each intended course of study or
  • a letter for postgraduate thesis marking, as issued by an Australian education provider for postgraduate research students who are required to remain in Australia for the marking of their thesis.

Studnet Visa – CoE status

Receive your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

You will need your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) to apply for your student visa. You will automatically receive your CoE once the University has verified your International Student Acceptance and Payment Agreement.

A current CoE for each course of study with a status of ‘approved’ or ‘studying’ should be stated.

Genuine temporary entrant (GTE)

A GTE is a student visa applicant whose circumstances support a genuine intention to enter and remain in Australia temporarily, notwithstanding the potential to remain in Australia permanently.

in the GTE, you should state:

  • the applicant’s circumstances in their home country
  • the applicant’s potential circumstances in Australia
  • the value of the course to the applicant’s future
  • the applicant’s immigration history
  • if the applicant is a minor – the intentions of a parent, legal guardian, or spouse/de facto partner of the applicant.

English language proficiency

The maximum time periods in which an English test must be taken is two years.

If you do not have the required English capacity, you can choose to study – English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS), either you can select your own institutions or the course at the university

English language tests and minimum test scores

Student Visa English Test Scores

Student Visa – Financial capacity

All student visa applicants must have genuine access to sufficient funds to cover costs and expenses for themselves and any family members for the duration of the intended stay in Australia

  • travel expenses: AUD1,000 to 2,000
  • living costs and expenses: a period of 12 months or more – AUD21,041 (annual living costs)
  • the course fees – minus any amount already paid

Note: if you are a single student, approx. AUD$22,500 + whatever the course fees annually.

If you have your family member with you, who intends to stay in Australia for a period of 12 months or more – the following costs (annual living costs):

  •  for a partner – AUD7,362 and
  • for a dependent child – AUD3,152;

And if your children are at the school-age

If you have a the school-age child

  • for each child –  AUD8,296 (annual school costs)

Note: if you are a student with family members, approx. AUD$ 30,500 + whatever the course fees annually.

Alternatively, you can provide your parent or partner who has a personal annual income, that is:

  • if there is no family members – at least AUD62,222; or
  • if there is a family member – at least AUD72,592.

Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC) – Student Visa

A student visa applicant must provide evidence of adequate arrangements in Australia for health insurance during their period of intended stay in Australia.

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You should have your insurance arranged either by yourself or your institutions before your application.

Health insurers can cover for the provision of visits to the doctor, some public hospital insurance treatment, ambulance cover and limited pharmaceuticals for student visa holders and their family members (for example, spouse/de facto partners and children under 18).

Granted Studnet Visa – Working Right

As student visa holder or their family members, you can work up to 40 hours per fortnight per the condition attached.

For example:

A student visa holder (primary or secondary visa holder) works the following numbers of hours over a four week period after the course has commenced:

  • week 1: 15 hours work
  • week 2: 25 hours work
  • week 3: 25 hours work
  • week 4: 10 hours work.


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