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    My partner came to Australia on an e-visa from the UK which has expired now. Can he apply for a work visa while he is stuck in Australia?

    If your partner is unable to depart from Australia due to the restrictions of COVID19 or other compelling or compassionate reasons and he/she is not eligible to apply for any other visa, the visa 408 can be applied for Pandemic event in this circumstance.

    Or, he can extend his tourist visa onshore manually via tourist scheme 600 or any other eligible visa he can apply for. However, overstaying without a visa may cause travel ban and negative impacts of the further visa applications.


    With this visa, you are able to travel to Australia for a brief period of time to engage in a certain type of employment, such as participating in events sponsored by the Australian government or engaging in research.
    One of the following categories—Australian Government Endorsed Events, Special Programs, Religious Work, Research Activities, Invited for Other Social and Cultural Activity (Invited Participant), Sporting Activities, Entertainment Activities, Superyacht Crew, Exchange Arrangements, and Domestic Work for Executives—may be used to submit a 408 Visa application.

    The Bridging Visa A enables you to remain legally in Australia while awaiting the final decision on your substantive visa application or, if granted in conjunction with judicial review, while awaiting the conclusion of those processes.
    If you need more information visit the website:

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    If your partner’s e-visa from the UK has expired, it’s important to address their immigration status promptly. They may need to apply for a new visa while in Australia or consider departing to avoid overstaying. Seeking advice from an immigration advisor can help clarify the best course of action based on their circumstances.

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