Electricians ANZSCO 341111 Immigration Australia PR

What type of visa as an Electricians you can apply for to stay in Australia permanently?

Software and Applications Programmers Immigration Australia PR


Visa Type Availability
Visa 186 Yes
Visa 187 Yes
Visa 189 Yes
Visa 190 Yes
Visa 491 Yes
Visa 482 Yes
Visa 407 Yes
Visa 485 Yes
Visa 494 Yes


341111 Electrician (General)
341112 Electrician (Special Class)
341113 Lift Mechanic


Alternative Title: Electrical Fitter
Installs, tests, connects, commissions, maintains and modifies electrical equipment, wiring and control systems. Registration or licensing is required.


Services and repairs intricate and complex electrical and electronic circuitry. Registration or licensing is required.


Alternative Title: Lift Electrician
Designs install, maintains, services and repairs electric and hydraulic passenger and freight lifts, escalators, moving walkways and other lift equipment. Registration or licensing is required.

Tasks Include:

    • examining blueprints, wiring diagrams and specifications to determine sequences and methods of operation
    • measuring and laying out installation reference points
    • selecting, cutting and connecting wire and cable to terminals and connectors
    • using electrical and electronic test instruments to trace and diagnose faults
    • repairing and replacing faulty wiring and defective parts
    • positioning and installing electrical switchboards
    • connecting electrical systems to the power supply
    • testing continuity of circuit
    • installing, testing and adjusting electric and mechanical parts of lifts

Skill Assessment Information


TRA Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) – $1000.00

TRA Migration Skills Assessment Review of outcome – $900.00

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