Australia Citizenship test and interview

you may need to have an interview and sit the citizenship test for Citizenship

Australian Citizenship Test

What is Australian Citizenship test?

After the Australian citizenship application, you will received a notice of your Australian citizenship test.

Noting that the Australian citizenship practice test – will be effective from 15 November 2020 for new update.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The updated test includes​ revised citizenship test questions and new test questions on Australian values.

Practice as much as you could before you set the test.

Australian Citizenship test Interview

You need to have an interview and sit the citizenship test

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All applicants who are required to sit the test will have an interview first.

Most applicants aged between 18 and 59 at the time of application have to sit the test.

If we need to interview you, we will send you an appointment letter with more details.

For applicants required to sit the test

Before you sit the test, it will:

  • check your original documents
  • confirm your identity
  • confirm you are eligible to sit the test

What to bring to the interview

Bring the original documents for the copies that you lodged with your application, all of your original identity documents, and any other documents we have asked you to bring.

If you don’t bring all the documents to need, your interview will be changed to a later date.

Note: not accept certified copies.

Australian Citizenship test

You need to pass the citizenship test to show that you have:

  • a basic knowledge of the English language
  • an understanding of what it means to become an Australian citizen
  • adequate knowledge of Australia and the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship

Time and location – 

Australian Citizenship test will be an appointment for you after assessing your application. Your appointment letter writes to you with the date, time, and place.

The time you have to wait from when you apply to your appointment date will vary.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, follow the instructions in the letter.

the citizenship test is after your interview.

Citizenship appointments are held at:

  • department offices in most Australian capital cities
  • some Services Australia offices in regional areas

Locate your nearest test centre

If you live outside Australia and apply from outside Australia, we will contact you. We will arrange for you to take the citizenship test at an Australian Government embassy, high commission, consulate, multilateral mission or representative office.

What happens on the test day

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Allow 90 minutes for people to complete the assisted test.

Arrive on time.

At the test center, a staff member will:

  • interview you
  • verify your identity
  • check your original documents
  • take your photo
  • confirm if you can take the test

If you pass the test

Processing of your application will continue..

If you fail the test

You can:

  • retake the test on the same day if possible
  • re-book the test for another time, especially if you need more time to prepare.

Low computer skills

You may get help from staff to use the computer if you have low computer skills.

Poor English

You cannot bring anyone with you to help with the test. If you cannot read English, you can listen to the questions.

Can offer you an assisted test if you have:

  • asked for it in your application
  • completed at least 400 hours of English language tuition under the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP)
  • been assessed by the AMEP provider as not having the reading skills needed to take the test without help


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