Business visa 188D – Premium Investor stream

Visa 188D is for businessmen who invest at least AUD15 million in Australian investments and/or philanthropic contributions.

Business Visa 188D

Premium Investor – Business visa 188D

  • carry out business and investment activity in Australia
  • travel to, enter and remain in Australia for 4 years and 3 months
  • bring eligible members of your family with you
  • apply for a permanent visa 888
  • no resident requirement

Premium Investor – Visa 188D Steps

  • Expression of interests
  • be nominated by Austrade
  • be invited to apply for this visa
  • invest at least  AUD15 million in Australian investments
  • have a genuine intention to hold the investment for 4 years

Visa 188D – Premium Investor visa (PIV) program

The PIV program aims to attract a small number of individuals with at least AUD 15 000 000 to invest and who can translate that investment and their entrepreneurial skills and talents into areas that deliver a long-term economic benefit to Australia. The program is available only at the invitation of the Australian Government, with potential recipients to be nominated by Austrade

The investment of at least AUD 15 000 000 may be made as a whole or split between philanthropic donation(s) or allowed investments.

A Philanthropic Contribution to 188D

Premium Investor visa applicants are required to make a complying premium investment.

A philanthropic contribution for the purposes of meeting complying premium investment requirements should be approved by a State or Territory government agency.

It is intended that the size of any philanthropic donation or donations be of high value. Multiple small donations would not be considered acceptable. The intention is that any philanthropic donation brings considerable benefit to the approving state or territory.

Complying Premium Investments Applicants

The investor must be an individual and the complying premium investments must be made:

  • personally by the primary applicant or
  • with their spouse or de facto partner together or
  • through a company for which all issued shares are owned either by the primary applicant (or the primary applicant and their spouse or de facto partner together) or
  • through a valid trust for which the trustee is the primary applicant (or the primary applicant and their spouse or de facto partner together) and the beneficiary is the primary applicant (or the primary applicant and their spouse or de facto partner together).

If the investor is the sole trustee, the investor, and the investor’s spouse or de facto partner must be the sole beneficiaries.

Investment requirements

The applicant can invest in any or all permitted complying premium investments in any proportion, provided the investments (and the value of any philanthropic donation, as relevant) total AUD 15 000 000.

Investments made through managed investment funds

to manage or to make the investment:

  • must hold or be exempt from holding an Australian financial services (AFS) licence and
  • must be independent of or not otherwise associated with the investor, their spouse or partner or any other associate.

Managed Investment Fund

Securities quoted on an Australian securities exchange.

Bonds or notes issued by:

    • a company that is quoted on an Australian securities exchange or
    • a wholly-owned subsidiary of a company, if the subsidiary is incorporated in Australia or
    • a company incorporated in Australia, or a registered foreign company, if the bonds or notes are rated as investment-grade by a credit rating agency that holds an Australian financial services license or
    • the Commonwealth Government, a State/Territory government or a local government authority in Australia

proprietary limited company that is:

      • registered under the Corporations Act.
      • incorporated in Australia and
      • a limited company within the meaning of that Act.

Annuities issued by a company registered, and provided the annuity does not repay capital during the period of the visa.

Australian real property –

    • No direct investment into the residential real property is allowed for the purposes of meeting the requirements of the complying premium investment.
    • in the case of an investment through a managed investment fund—the value of all residential real property investments made through the fund is no more than 10% of the net value of the fund’s assets

Visa 188D granted – Coming to Australia

Check your travel documents

  • a valid visa to enter Australia
  • a valid passport or other travel documents

Completing an Incoming Passenger Card

All people arriving in Australia must complete the Incoming Passenger Card. You will be given this card onboard the aircraft.


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