Bridging visa a (BV) classes

How to be bridging a visa – bridging visa a (BV) classes.

Bridging Visas

Bridging visa classes (BV)

  • Bridging A (BVA) – Subclass 010 – Bridging A
  • Bridging B (BVB) – Subclass 020 – Bridging B
  • Bridging C (BVC) – Subclass 030 – Bridging C
  • Bridging D (BVD) – Subclass 040 – Bridging (Prospective Applicant) and Subclass 041 – Bridging (Non-applicant)
  • Bridging E (BVE) – Subclass 050 – Bridging (General) and Subclass 051 – Bridging (Protection Visa Applicant)
  • Bridging F (BVF) – Subclass 060 – Bridging F
  • Bridging R (BVR) – Subclass 070 – Bridging (Removal Pending).

Bridging A Visa Provides Lawful Status

The overall purpose of the bridging visa program is to provide lawful status in Australia to non-citizens

  • If you have made applications for visas in Australia that have not been finally determined you will have (BVA, BVB, BVC, BVD (040), BVE (050 and 051)).
  • If you have applied for judicial review of a decision to refuse a visa application (BVA, BVB, BVC, BVE)
  • If you are unlawful non-citizens who do not wish to or are unable to apply for visas (BVD (041))

Bridging A Visa is Not a substantive vis

Most bridging visas are ‘visas to remain’ in Australia.

A bridging visa is a visa to remain in Australia and does not allow the holder to travel to and enter Australia.

However, if you want to travel, you should apply fora BVB , which allows the holder to travel to and enter Australia during a specified period or until the BVB expires.

Holding a bridging visa to apply for other visa applications

A person who is in Australia and who does not hold a substantive visa must hold a BVA or a BVB or a BVC in order to make a valid application further.

The BVA 010 – Bridging visa a

The BVA (subclass 010 (Bridging A) visa) can be granted to a non-citizen who holds a substantive visa or holds a BVA or BVB and who has applied for a further visa.

  • a further substantive visa that has not been decided  (includes any merits review) or
  • judicial review of a decision to refuse to grant that substantive visa.

The BVB 020 – Bridging visa b

The BVB (subclass 020 (Bridging B) visa can be granted to a non-citizen who holds BVA or BVB and who has reasons for leaving and re-entering Australia during :

  • the processing of their associated  visa application (including any merits review) or
  • judicial review of a decision to refuse to grant that substantive visa

The BVC 030 – Bridging visa c

The BVC (subclass 030 (Bridging C) visa) can be granted to a non-citizen who does not hold a visa nor a BVE.

Also has not held a BVE since they apply for a  visa.

  • a substantive visa and that application has not been decided or
  • judicial review of a decision to refuse to grant that substantive visa.

The BVE 050 – Bridging visa e

For most of the other situation, you can apply for this Bridging Visa

  • is making arrangements to depart Australia or
  • has made, or will soon make, a valid application for a substantive visa or
  • has applied for judicial review in relation to a migration decision and proceedings have not been completed or
  • has applied, or will soon apply, for revocation or review of a cancellation decision or
  • has applied for a declaration that the Act does not apply to them or a determination under s48B  or
  • has applied for ministerial intervention under s345, s351, s391, s417 or s454 or
  • has served a sentence of periodic detention or imprisonment or
  • has applied for judicial or merits review of a decision under the Australian Citizenship Act 2007 or
  • is a person in relation to whom the Minister has decided to substitute a more favourable decision for the decision of the AAT but the person cannot, for the time being, be granted that visa.

The BVE can be granted to a non-citizen who has applied for a protection visa as well.

Cost of Bridging Visa a

Most of BV are free of the charger, but only BVB costs AUD155

Usually, if a valid application has made for a specific visa, the bridging visa A or C will be granted.

A compelling need to work for a bridging visa

If the person’s current BVA or BVC:

  • was granted in association with a visa application BUT has condition 8101 imposed on it.
  • It is satisfied that the person has a compelling need to work. Contact us for more information
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