Australian Visa Arrangement under COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

New arrangements related to Australian Temporary Visa holder (TR) aim COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. 

Coronavirus Update from Acting immigration Minister Alan Tudge. Based on the Message from the Acting immigration Minister Alan Tudge, the main messages are delivered: 

  1. International Tourist Visa Holders – Subclass 600 & 601, should consider leaving if they cannot support themselves financially, those who are no family ties in Australia in particular.
  2. Student Visa Holders – Subclass 500, should ensure they have the first year sufficient funds, which included
        • Living cost amount for the student for the first 12 months ( AUD 21,041 ( annual living costs for the primary applicant)
        • Students course fees for the first 12 months
        • Travel costs for the student – Return Tickets
        • Additional fee for the companying family members apply
  1. Temporary Skilled Visa Holders – Employer-sponsored included Subclass 482 &457, employees who have been asked to stand down or to reduce their working hours still have their valid visas, and they can stay and draw on super to support themselves ( up to AUD 10,000 per year), whereas those who are laid off, they have 60 days to seek another eligible employer to get sponsor, otherwise they need to leave.
  2. Working Holiday Visa Holders Backpacker Subclass 462 &471, if they are working in the desired industry for example hospitals or farms, they can extend their working for more than 6 months and further extend their visa when it is expired conditions apply.

Australian Acting Minister Alan Tudge sent the clear messages that Australian will priority their citizens and residents aim unprecedented period. Temporary visa holders should have their support from their family overseas or consider back to their own countries. We have devoted to put our clients in their best interests and help their visas in any difficult circumstances. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of any assistance.

Condition No Further Stay Waiver during the COVID19

If you current visa with condition of no further stay, you should apply for waiver before you can apply for other eligible visas.


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