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Migration agents and lawyers are not mandatory to apply for any visa, however, agents and lawyers are able to assist you with your visa application. More info.

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There are multiple pathways to achieve permanent residence. You can choose to get it through skilled visas or business visas. Partner visas can grant you permanent residence as well.

Yes, you can work up to 40 hours per fortnight during your semester period. Check your visa condition attached to your granted letter.

Bridging visa B allows you to travel overseas under the specified travel period. Bridging visa A, C, and E will remain your lawful status when you are in Australia.

If you applying for a visa in Australia and you got refused, you can have your decision be reviewed by Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

You have to apply for another student visa and have to meet the Genuine Temporary Entry requirement GTE and your health insurance should have remained.

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How should I have my Australian permanent residency ?

“Have your ever felt you stuck on the way and you just cannot get your permanent residency of Australian. I felt that when I have tried everything I thought years ago. But I didn’t give up and what I have found is that as long as you stay in and really have your intention towards your PR here. Trust me, you have have it one day”, A customer Aadesh said.

Should I plan in a long run?

A prefessional help may not only just about your current visa status but also the long term planning that is designed the pathway for the permanent residency in a long run. Given Australian immigration policy has changed dramatically over the years, have a strategical plan is essential when it comes to PR.

What will help you to make a better decision

O n top of a plan, having equipped with latest news and particular event and realisation of the consequences will help you to make a better decision. The wide – knowledge about your visa options and corn and porn related will have a good indication as well.

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Temporary Visa Holders

Temporary visa holders who are unable to support themselves are encouraged to return to their countries. Or worker in Austrian can access to superannuation ($10,000 tax-free during 2019-20).

What can I do if I cannot return to my home country?

If you cannot return to your home country, you need to apply for another visa. Visitor visa holders should apply for a new visa before their current visa expires.

If there is a “No Further Stay” condition on their visa (including 8503, 8534 or 8535) , they can request a waiver of this condition.

How will students be assured they will not jeopardise their visa?

There are temporary relaxation of working hours for student visa holders. For instance: supermarkets that has been registered on the department please check list of registered businesses.  Aged Care service providers should refer to the correspondence provided to them by the Department of Health for further details.